Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Can't Keep My Dog (continued)

It's a chilly gray Spring Saturday, raining on and off. I've been working on the computer, which means I check my city's Craig's List pet ads every once in a while. Yes, I am a "flagger." I flag the back yard breeders listing their puppies for sale, and occasionally I post a sarcastic paragraph in response to an ad. My posts, in turn, get flagged. It's a merry-go-round.

So here I am, on the same theme as my last post: people who dump dogs.

Today I copied parts of some CL ads, adding emphasis and my own commentary in italics.

6 month old female tan chi. My family is not home enough to train her and she needs to go to a home that can provide the time needed for her. Subtext: she was a cute puppy, but now I'm tired of her.

I have an 8 month old pom puppy she is fun energetic. I am asking a rehoming fee to ensure she goes to a good home. I love her but just don't have time for her. Hmmm, will you get rid of your husband/wife when you don't have time?

Her name is ally she is the sweetest dog ever. My husband and I just moved and cant have her. We want her to go to a great home. She is our baby but we have to do whats best for her. She is free to good home. She is spayed and up to date on shots. Hope you don't have kids since it's apparently okay to give your "baby" away.

i have a boxer mix puppy that i am giving away free to a good home. The dog is well behaved I just dont have the time the she needs. That old time thing again.

Lexie is a 4 year old Grey (blue) Chihuahua. (Very rare color) She needs a new home because we have signed a lease on a new home with a zero pets policy. (I've posted our other beloved pet also.) We are heartbroken about this and will not allow her to go to any home less than excellent. Bet your "beloved" dog is more "heartbroken" than you.

This beautiful 5-yr old female Great Pyrenees is in need of a loving new home due to relocation of owners to a house without a suitable yard. Subtext: We don't want the dog ruining the grass and we don't feel like walking him.

Rottweiler puppy: 9 weeks old ... male no papers ... Bought 4 my son an he is being way 2 rough with him. Subtext: I just can't control the kid and fear for the dog's life.

I have a female tri Aussie dob 02-07-11 she is very smart and minds well, upd on shots & wormed. I do not have time for her. Time, sigh . . .

I have a toy rat terrier that is about 8-9 lbs I can't care for any longer. It's not a money issue. It's just that this dog needs alot of attention and I work to much to care for it. She is about 7 or 8 months. Another cute puppy gets big enough to tear up pillows and other stuff.

Two Sharpeis: I moved and my yard floods so I need to find them a better home that is not muddy and wet. I just don't feel like cleaning up muddy dogs before letting them in. Okay, I could be giving this person too much credit. Maybe the dogs live outside all the time.

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