Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Good and the Bad for Dogs This Week: In the News

Thumbs Up

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster who took action against two puppy mills, resulting in one being shut down while the second, under a temporary restraining order, is in effect shut down.

Sadly, in the first case, the judge ordered the dogs to be either auctioned or turned over to a shelter. If auctioned, the dogs will probably end up in another puppy mill.
Puppy Mills Shut Down

Wes Snyder who ran to a park when he heard Jamie Kanzler screaming; her Lab had gotten a ball stuck in his throat, blocking his breathing. Kanzler couldn't get it out.  Snyder was able to pull it out, saving the Lab's life.
Stranger Saves Dog's Life

Honolulu prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro who said, "The Prosecutor's Office has made animal cruelty one of its priorities . . . because people who are cruel to animals are also cruel to other people."  This month, his office charged a puppy mill with 153 counts of cruelty.  The mill dogs were taken in by the Hawaiian Humane Society.
Prosecutor Makes Animal Cruelty a Priority

Thumbs Down

Linda Smith who ran LOLAA Kennel, a puppy mill in Nevada. She's been charged with 10 counts of cruelty (only 10?)  At a Nevada Senate hearing on regulating Nevada puppy mills, a LOLAA Kennel employee testified that Smith would shake, slap, and whip the dogs if they were noisy.
Puppy Mill Owner Charged with Cruelty

The person who abandonded a month old puppy in a trash can in Texas.
Puppy Tossed in Trash Can

Shelters that still use gas chambers (which are banned in 17 states) to kill dogs and cats.
Protests at Ohio Shelter that Uses Gas

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